Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 10-31 Days of Health-Giving Spirit

Do you have a giving spirit? Do you think that you don't have enough time to give? Mom's we could all use a little help to stay on track with our budget as we enter the Reason for the Season. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year but sometimes it can start to overwhelm me. Christmas is almost here, birthdays, anniversaries and I always want to give, but sometimes I lack inspiration and the cold-hard cash to make it happen.

I wanted to share with you a few blogs that I have come across over these beginning days of this 31 Day Challenge, and over the years as a wanna-be-blogger. I am inspired, blessed and have gotten some great ideas that are just too good to keep to myself! So today, I give to you: Some of my favorite blogs!

This 31 Dayer gang I've been following has given me some great ideas on what to make for Christmas without spending a lotta cash. Check these out.

Here's the link for 31 Days to Handmade Gifts! Love it!

If you're into Fall baking check this site out: 31 Days of Autumn Recipes at Texas Cottage. This was was awesome and has a recipe for Goblin Bait that I'm so wanting to try. Yummy!

I am glowing as I tell you about this next blog--Chatting at the Sky! Love this one and also Emily P. Freeman's book "Grace for the Good Girl." A-m-a-z-i-n-g! Her photos are breath-taking and her words speak right to my soul!

And last----I'd admit it. I am no decorator. I am no designer. Matter of fact--here's a funny story---maybe you can relate.

I am however, one of those people that when I get a chance to go clothes shopping, I am always uninspired. I look to the mannequins for my choices. Someone (with talent) had to dress that mannequin and thought that it looked good enough to attract a buyer so, I'm sold. I'll search the whole store for the item on the mannequin. Undoubtedly, two things usually happen. One, they don't have that item in stock (because people like me came and bought them already,) or once I have tried it on; somehow the image on the mannequin is not the image I see in the mirror.

Maybe you can relate.

I've been following Beauty and Bedlam for quite some time and her Frugal Fashions inspire me to search out the Goodwill/Thrift/Garage Sales to find those diamonds in the rough. She also has lots of good recipes-budget tips and loads more good stuff.

Anywho: I've been following The Nester for some time and love the way she can make her house look great on a budget. She is the sister to Chatting at the Sky! Did I mention, she throws great parties too!

I feel like these blogs are my friends. They encourage me, make me smile and make my spirit happier.

Today, Be Blessed-Less Stressed-Be Inspired to Give!

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