Friday, August 23, 2013

A Yield Sign

Jesus is our Savior, but when did He become Lord of your Life? There is a difference. Romans 14:9 tells us, "For Christ died and lived again for this, that he might be LORD both of the dead and the living!"

My moment came in my early twenties when LIFE was going down a path I didn't want to travel. I didn't need Him to save me at this point, but I needed to let Him become the LORD over my LIFE and begin to access all of those areas in my heart that I hid from Him. Matter of fact, when I lived in the dorm while stationed in Okinawa, Japan, my door was less than a few hundred feet from the nearest base chapel. I never stopped in, not once. It took the witness of some neighbors a year later who would lead me back to church and to the Lord. I finally saw the YIELD sign!!

Friend, are you struggling in an area of your LIFE that you haven't allowed Jesus to become LORD over? What are you waiting for? Let Jesus become the MASTER, the ultimate CAPTAIN and allow HIM to GUIDE the ship On The Journey! Let's learn to YIELD to the LORDSHIP and HEADSHIP of Christ in our lives and in our HEARTS!

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