This page will be my ramblings on what I'm doing in my devotion time and other fun stuff that God is showing me along the way. Another way of putting that is, I fall down, figure out what's going on, try to figure it out myself, finally ask the Father to help, learning the lesson and getting up and moving forward. Sound like your life too? The more I feel that I'm getting closer to the Lord, the more I feel attacked, burdened and out of sorts. Although I know that our Father never lets any of my circumstances go to waste. He is orchestrating it all to bring out my greater. Right now, I'm simply amazed at the women and friends that God has placed around me. These amazing women who seek after the Lord with such passion and vigor inspire me. We are able to encourage one another when the going gets tough and we share in each others struggles and triumphs. I wouldn't have it any other way! Praises be to God for creating sister-friends!

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