Monday, November 24, 2008

An Early Thanksgiving post...

We are getting ready to travel for the holiday. I used to stress out so much about packing that I would lay awake at night wondering if I remembered everything. We all KNOW that is the MOMs job to remember everything! However, over the past few years I've resigned myself to be o.k. with not having it all "in the bag." Why did I stress myself out...probably too much Martha....she always has it together. I enjoy watching just because I grasp pieces of valuable information among the things that I would never wind up doing in the first place.

I've not necessarily lowered my standards, just my expectations. My kids will survive if I forget a piece of clothing or an extra pair of socks. For Pete's sakes, we will be in the close proximity of a washing machine. Who is Pete, anyways? The only real thing to worry about is making our flight and trying not to eat too much on vacation.

Worry steals our victory in Jesus. When you worry, you're wasting time, valuable time you could be praying. I actually took a bible study on prayer a long time ago. Prayer is so powerful and we can NEVER do too much of it. It's a muscle that we must keep exercising or it get's flabby!

I'm posting early because I will not have access to a computer (I think) while I'm visiting family in a very remote and rural part of Missouri. The country is such a cool place to visit and I enjoy it so much. It reminds me of my very simple childhood. It is also so quiet in the country. Quiet like I have never heard quiet anywhere else. Its a sweet thing. We will have all the fixin's and trimmin's for a hearty Thanksgiving meal.

May God bless you and yours this Thanksgiving and for all of my friends, thanks for going on this journey with me this year and for just being a good friend. God has richly blessed us this year.

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