Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 9- 31 Days of Health-The Heart

If you enjoy reading, then you're probably like me. You have four or five books your reading from. I have a couple beside my bed, a couple in the bathroom (you know you have them too) and some in the schoolroom of our house. There is something so comforting about a good book. It can inspire you to dream bigger dreams, change your point of view, or give you the courage to persevere. Many books offer quick steps to riches, being debt-free or the how-tos of life's problems. But there is one book that has the power to change your destiny; the power to change future generations....

How is it then that we fail to read the one book that gives us ALL we need---yes, I'm talking about the Bible. The greatest best-seller ever, written by the greatest author EVER!

How can I expect God to show me the steps along this journey if I never bother to see what His word says? How can he change my HEART if I never allow His word to penetrate deeply?

For me, I truly have to make the time to spend in His word daily. I was reminded today at church that if I don't arm myself everyday with His word, that as soon as I step out into the world--the devil is ready to come against me. The world is ready to squeeze me into ITS mold.

DO you spend time daily in the word? If you do, it is bound to change you. We must remember to pass these truths to our children. I want to spend eternity with my children, and grandchildren. It is my responsibility to teach them ABOVE ALL ELSE!

I came across this video from Eliza Morgan called, "Two Bites." A unique way of approaching reading the bible. I hope you enjoy! You can check out more really cool info at their website! The FullFill Magazine!.

Be blessed-Less Stressed-and get into God's word!

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