Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 12-31 Days of Health-Spirit

There is nothing like finishing a project (under schedule) and feeling proud of your accomplishments. I have many (started) projects around the house and usually only manage to finish a few of them. This weekend my husband asked me to tailor some new pants he'd just bought. More times than I would like to admit, I would have put them aside till I thought I had enough time to finish them. This process might have taken a few weeks to a few months. DO you have anything in your house you have started recently but have yet to finish? Maybe it's just getting to that closet to organize it. Whatever it might be, I encourage you to finish something. We'll those pants---I finished them this weekend, well ahead of my month schedule. It only took me about three days from the time he received them in the mail. Not bad---right? Needless to say-hubby was very happy!

Here's another project I've been meaning to get to. I see these pretty frames everywhere and love this picture from The Nester.
Her frame always mesmerizes me, draws me in and I just love her whole room!

So, I thought to myself---I have a cool frame I'm not using. But, I needed to purchase some thin ply board from the "gettin place" and since I already had chalkboard paint in the garage, I was good to go. (the paint, yes--there for about a year---another project started--not finished) SO I went to work. Here are the step-by-step pics and final project! Here's the beginning frame. I took the glass out and saved the cardboard backing.

Here is the ply-board piece that I painted with two-coats of chalkboard paint.

Here is the tools I used to put the hangers and picture wire on the back of the frame. I sort of learned all things framing from a very talented friend who owns her own shop now in if you're in need of quality framing or shadow boxes, you can check her shop out on Facebook at McKinleys Frame Shop in Lodi, CA.

And the finished project: It didn't turn out too bad. I've also learned that you can paint the glass as long as you spray it with a primer first. I think I may do more of these in the future.

I'm glad I finished this project sooner rather than later.

Be blessed-Less stressed-and go Finish a project that you've started! It does a Spirit good!

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