Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 8- 31Days of Health-Mind, Body, and Soul

With the plethora of things on the internet I am tempted to spend hours devouring many 'not-so-useful' sites that only seem time-wasters.

Being a rather wet and gloomy day it was a good chance to get caught up on some reading. It reminded me of some awesome sites that I follow, because I want to be a better Christ follower, wife, mom, friend etc... I came across a few sites that I want to point you to and think they are ones you should take the time to check out!

One is Focus on the Family! I often forget how much great info is on their site. They also do a live broadcast on Wednesday's that I try to tune in to. As a parent I find them invaluable and they also can provide hours of fun and educational entertainment for the kiddos. Their motto, "Helping Families Thrive." I could use a little more help in that department! Enjoy! Theres a ton of info on their site so be prepared to spend some time checking it out!

Then there is this site that I very recently found. I love anything leadership related and this digizine is a great one for all things leadershiop. It is called FullFill. Its a blog that will link you out to their site and you can check out their magazine. Its totally cool.

So today Be Blessed-Less Stressed and find a useful site that you love!

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