Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 7- 31 Days of Health- Mind and Body

Today, I made a choice. Many days are made up of choices but sometimes we let our feelings drive decisions. Today, I made a conscience choice not to watch t.v. Unfortunately for me, it can be a trap that pulls me in, and wastes my day. Today, since the kids were out of school and one was sicky-poo, I went from room to room, tossing, cleaning, purging. What a feeling--da, da dum...can't you hear the music playing in the backgroud...oh I digress!

Master bedroom closet got a huge de-clutter and I was able to get rid of three trash bags worth of not-so-nice clothing, shoes and the like. Then I moved to the Master bedroom...clearing nightstands, washing sheets, dusting and de-cluttering. I find that my bedroom gets the last of my cleaning efforts, so that is why I started there next.

Here is a great book that a friend turned me on to and it has really been beneficial. Now, I'm not saying that I have implemented each and every idea...but I have gotten inspiration, and some really neat tips that save me TIME!

The book is The House That Cleans Itself, by Mindy Starns Clark.

I moved from the bedroom to the kitchen JUNK drawer! You know you have one too! Cleaned three drawers, cleaned and de-cluttered the laundry room and now I'm on to the pantry.

I have gotten such great ideas and inspiration from the 31 Dayers that I'm following. Check them out here.

I've learned to repurpose some items and I'll post here later. I'm learning to use what I have rather than buy brand new. How do you spruce up and change things around in your house? Love to hear from you!

Be blessed- Less Stressed and CLEAN's good for the Mind and Body! (I've gotten a great workout today!

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