Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 18-31 Days of Health- I feel Healthier Already!

Well, if your wondering what happen to days 15, 16 and 17--here's the short story!

I had to include this pic of the hubby because 1. He is so cute and the other 2. What I really wanted to do this weekend-sleep.

This weekend I had two, not one but TWO extremely large projects due by Sunday and Monday. Yes, I admit it, I procrastinate (sometimes) and work better under extreme pressure! I'm just now owning up to this, but that's a story for another day.

The majority of the projects were done, but when my "good girl" and "people pleaser" comes out, I always over do things. Homework is no exception. So, fortunately I have a very patient husband, (who is also taking college classes) and cooperative children (for a few days) who allowed me to work like a mad woman on these projects.

Priorities won out, and I had to let the blog slide for a few days! Kapeshe!

One of my classes is completely finished and the 27 pages of over the top scholarly composition got little ole self a 95 percen-t-i-le, which gave me an A for that class! (in my best southern-gospel voice) Thank-yur-Jesus!

My second one has not been graded yet! If all goes well----o.k. can I brag for just a little bit---I'm on the dean's list and can't believe that this gal working on her degree for like the million'th time; which will have taken her about 20 years to complete-since the beginning--might actually graduate with honors---yeah I can't believe it either! SO-it's an understatement that: my brain (which is mushy) and my eyes (which are blurry) feel healthier already since I finished these two classes. Oh-but wait! I only have a week off between semesters and instead of two-I thought I would take three this time. Yeah me!

Next! My budget is healthier too! Wanna know why! Well if you get to talking to me and the hubby about money-we're likely to bring up this guy Dave Ramsey. Second to (in my best southern-gospel accent) Halle-ju-lah Jesus Christ, this guy has changed our lives tremendously! I'm not a numbers girl but after taking Financial Peace University and facilitating, I gained so much insight into how we looked at money. Over the next week I'm gonna show you-even if you think you can't budget---you can!

But, because we now know these GODly principles on handling money-we have an emergency fund, for the emergency fund. Good thing too--Sunday my hubby found a nail in our tire---and I think we actually laughed, no big deal. It turned out not needing a fix--but then Monday came!

Monday, I found a significant chip out of my FRONT tooth. After over two hours in the chair the news was, of course--$$$Cha-ching, right! The dentist said I needed, not one, but my two front teeth corrected. I prayed right then and there (in my best southern-gospel voice) Thank you Lord Jesus for insurance AND a fully-funded emergency fund. Because, this HOLY COW moment for my facial presentation was not an emergency after all! It's a good thing it is October, as I already have teeth to go with my costume-scary! So-budget wise I feel healthier already!

Note: If you were wanting a picture of my crazy teeth posted on here---uhh not happening!

Tonight, to show my appreciation to the family for their grace this weekend-I'm making a homemade meal: Teriyaki Beef over caramelized onions and brown rice! Yummo! I feel healthier already!

Be Blessed-Less Stressed and Feel Healthier.

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