Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Days start today-Mind and Body

Hey ya'll! Saturday is here and its been a super day. I wanted to focus on the mind and body today because that's the two parts that I feel helped add to my health and to the health of my family.

Saturday was filled with an early trip to the gym, well not too early; I had to have my cup of bob (why bob...story later). Kennedy was able to go to the KidFit gym and always has a good time. I forget that we need to encourage our kids to have a healthy lifestyle too. They learn from us...we set the example. My hubby and I worked hard at cardio and then lifted some weights. Body...check!

Then we decided to surprise the kids and take them to the BIG SHOW! The mind is a terrible things to waste....I think that was a commercial several years back right??? Ha!
Well, we've always tried to support the local arts in our community but today we wanted to expose our children to the arts. We took them to the historic Cocoa Village Playhouse to see the musical "Hairspray." Even though we had balcony seats, it was spectacular! The talent in this community is astounding! It was an great way to spend some family time energizing our mind and body...I mean it was a musical; after all! I also encourage you to check out the Brevard Symphony Orchestra...a local gem for sure. We were privileged to attend this past spring and it the music was breathtaking.

So, I encourage you to do something to get your body moving? A bike ride, a walk around the block (especially since the weather is cooperating) and just M-O-V-E! Then remember that exercising your mind can be a good book, sharing a great conversation, or taking in some local arts. We live in a community filled with great artists and find something that moves you and go for it.

Somehow, someway when we move our body and our mind...the spirit isn't too far behind.



  1. Saw you on the Nester's site. I am also taking the 31 Day challenge. I often need this encouragement to move - too often I sit in front of my computer. :(

  2. I am all about the moving. I wake up better, think better, and am ready for my day so much better when I start it with a workout! I agree that a big part of it is teaching our kids a healthy way to live.

  3. Hi! I'm also participating in the 31 day challenge. Love your blog and I do need the encouragement to Get Moving! I'd rather blog ! :)