Friday, September 30, 2011

31 Days...begins tomorrow!

So, if you've never heard of 31's the scoop. Over the next 31 days a whole host of really cool gals will be blogging about all sorts of really great topics...from housekeeping, faith, hope, renewing; well there's just a ton of really great information and I hope to run the race alongside them as I blog about 31 Days to Health.(some of their sites are on my blogroll) I'll be sharing thoughts, ideas, and well whatever pops into this brain of mine that isn't filled with college homework, on all things dealing with health.

Needless to say I've had to deal with: some crazy health issues this year, trying to get my teenage son to eat more than chicken nuggets for dinner, attempting to get in shape for a fitness test, trying to get a website/blog underway and trying to renew my spirit, all while aspiring to keep it all together. How do you do it? I struggle, I laugh, I read, and most of all I pray....LOTS!

Ladies, I hope you join me on a few of these 31 days. Please give me some great feedback. I think I've said 'great' or 'really great' way too many times in this post. Great! Let's run this race together!


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