Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fresh Start Day 7 of 30

I've been doing really good. I had a workout everyday except day 3 which I somehow wasn't able to fit it all in. However, Saturday I did a huge workout and felt like I had squeezed 2 workouts into one. Sunday, I was incredibly sore and could hardly move but managed to crank out a good walk to loosen up my stiff muscles. I did another huge workout last night and despite also getting my flu shot I felt exceptionally better today. I think my body is getting used to the exercise and I do feel like my muscles are getting stronger. I am sleeping much better, probably because working out makes me dog tired. I'm trying my hardest to watch my diet since I tend to be so hungry when working out. I've been juicing and I think its really helping me with my energy too.

My goal is to do a workout everyday for at least 20 minutes. I often have to talk myself into that 20 minutes but I tell myself it is ONLY 20 MINUTES!

I was talking to a friend today and it just hit me. We have so many opportunities here in America. Everyday we can choose to get up, aspire to do something and go out and do it. We can choose to be nicer to our neighbors, talk sweeter to our spouses and love a little more on our children. We can smile a little more, we can connect over a cup of coffee, or inspire others to reach for their dreams. Every day we can choose to be more involved and live the life we've always wanted too. Don't let another precious day slip away without doing something. The creator of the universe didn't make ANY mistakes and is waiting on YOU! He's waiting on you to choose to live for HIM each day.

When we focus on God, the little things in life just seem to work out. Focus on a spirit of serving those you love and those around you. Don't let another day slip away without sharing God's love with them. It could mean the difference on where they will spend eternity.

It's only 20 minutes!

Get up, go out and DO SOMETHING!!!!!


  1. You are so awesome Sherry and such a blessing

  2. I'm so lazy, now that the weather is getting cold, it's an even better excuse not to exercise :p
    I need to read your blog for more encouragement!