Tuesday, February 16, 2010

If your New to the blog world...

Well, I wanted to share with you all the cool stuff that I have figured out/stumbled across on my blogging   journey.  If you are new to the blogging world, not sure what it is all about, I'll share with you what I use blogs for.  My disclaimer, I in no way am receiving or have received anything for listing these on my blog...I just want to give you some of the tools that I have found.

1.  I look for encouragement.  There are lots of good christian blogging women who are doing some great things and I always look forward to checking their blogs almost daily.  I find them uplifting, funny and relative to my christian walk.  They give me real, practical, and spiritual tidbits that I can use to remind me of God's love, his mercy, grace and how touchable He really is. 
My favs are:
Incourage  by Dayspring
Lysa Terkerst from Proverbs 31 Ministries
Cleft of the Rock  (a gal I met at the P31 conference last year)
Chatting at the Sky (also met her at the blog seminar at P31)  she does great photography!

2.  I look for ways to help manage my household better.  As the primary household manager, which includes anything from grocery shopping, meal planning, coupon cutting, laundry toting, housecleaning maven (sounds good though, right?), dog walker, chef, fianancial planner, bill payer, nurse, life manager extrodinaire and everything in between, I'm always looking for help instead of reinventing the wheel. 
My favs are:

Moneysavingmom - wow this blog has it all.  She blogs from meal planning, bulk baking, coupon strategies and where to get the deals.  Love this blog!
Beauty and Bedlam -definitely a favorite!  From her frugal fashionista excursions on how to shop for clothes within a budget, to her Tasty Tuesday recipe gatherings (are a must for me, I've gotten some really great recipes from the ladies that respond)  to her homeschooling thoughts and family fun ideas, she gets my attention almost daily.
I heart publix - Honestly, I didn't shop at Publix except once in a blue moon until a few months ago.  Using strategies and coupon etiquette and how to get the best coupons for the current deals is what this blog is all about.   I've been able to save almost 25% off by budget by visiting and utilizing this blog.  I also stock up on the BOGOs and this is a great site for getting starting.
Organized Home-not a blog but sortof...the whole website blog world tends to overlap a little, I've found.  However, this site includes downloadable forms, ideas and great ways to keep your house in order.  I've resigned myself that I am not the best housekeeper but I am teachable.  These tips and ideas and step-by step guidelines help keep me motivated to keep the clutter at a minimum. 

3.  I look for things that inspire me.  I love decorating but I'm not good at it.  I love to cook and love to try new recipes.  I love photography and reading.  Find blogs that suit your tastes and interest. 
Here are my favs:
The Nester  (met at the blog seminar P31, she is a master at design and love her style)
Pioneer Woman (this lady cooks, lives on a ranch, is a great photgrapher, and funny, this farmers daughter loves her site)
SugarFree and Gluten Free (I'm just getting into this "I might not be able to eat gluten again" phase and trying to find healthier ways of eating, this is a good one, great recipes)
ShoppingCandy - A friend of mine from a previous book club just bought a sweet little house in NC and is decorating it...love to watch her to see how her house is coming along and all her cute finds.

So find what you like and check some blogs out.  Start your own.  I've often posted at some of the sites with my own recipes.  I've gotten some great ideas, inspirations and just great encouragement from these sites.  I hope you will too.  Let me know what blogs you've found on your journey.  Maybe I'll make it a weekly event to post a blog and review it for you.  Have fun blogging friends!


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