Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's a New Year

Yep, 2010 has made it's way here and there's no turning back now.  I remember way back when I thought the year 2000 was so far away, and that I would be so old.  Well, I've resolved that I am growing older and that the year 2000 is very far behind me. It's o.k.   I'm blessed beyond what I deserve, that's for sure.  God has always managed to find a way to shine his light and mercy on me.  I'm not making resolutions this year.  I've decided just to keep doing the next thing, keep praying for the right things and moving forward in all things of life.

Health-I want to keep being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle.  That DOESN'T mean dieting but it DOES mean taking better care of myself and letting God help me with the struggles.  Staying on track, exercising, cooking healthy meals while teaching my children how to live a healthy life are all in my "next things bucket".  My body has been trying to possibly tell me that it doesn't like gluten.  I will hopefully find out soon if that is the case, and if so I will have to alter my diet.  That's going to be a challenge but there seems to be so much more information on living a gluten free life, so I feel very blessed.

Marriage-As our children are getting older we want to ensure that we are showing them the best example of a Godly marriage.  We are putting our marriage on the front burner and keeping our relationship a priority.  We want to make sure we touch each other daily and take some time to communicate what happened in our day and what's happening in the days ahead.  It really makes a difference when we take more time with each other.  We are putting date night in INK on the calendar.

Finances-This year we have many financial obligations.  I'm a matron of honor in a wedding this summer, dress, shoes, etc... (that doesn't even count the hubby and the son's clothes)  I'm also coordinating the bridal shower....Kennedy is going to be the flower girl in 2 weddings, dress, shoes, etc..., my  bonus son is getting married and we'll be vacationing back with my parents for about 2 weeks, there's youth camp tickets for me and my younger son.  I'm really trying to be as frugal as we can this year and save where we can.  We are also trying to save for some renovation in our bathrooms and kitchen area.  If that doesn't give us enough reasons to stick to our budget, I'm not sure what will.

Frugal and Simple Living-I am really trying hard to simplify our home and our budget.  I've learned the value of a "shiny sink" .  I'm really trying to learn better ways to shop and organize and remember that we can live on less and still LIVE just as well.

Writing- I'm trying to make more time to write.  Working it in my schedule beyond my daily devotionals has been tough.  I'm just going to keep doing the next thing. 

It's a New Year and I've had a blast finding some really great new blogs to keep me moving forward.  I'll try to post them in the days ahead.  It's a New Year and I'm excited to see what God is gonna do.  I know he is gonna bless our socks off! 

BTW-I did my grocery shopping today and was able to buy about $150 worth of groceries for about $75.  I'm in love with BOGO and coupons...I'll try to post a picture of my goodies......


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