Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My First Baking Day Results

I happy to announce that I attempted my first Baking Day.  I got the idea from a fellow blogger Jen over at Balance and Bedlam and Money Saving Moms who do this frequently.  I had most of the stuff on hand in the pantry and then just had to buy the meat so the cost was relatively low.

I actually did this over 2 days spending about 3 hours each time.  The pepper steak I cooked in the crockpot overnight so I didn't have to baby sit it during the day. 

The results of my labor were:
24+ Yummy Lofat Pumpkin Chocolate chip Muffins
2 meals of Pepper steak (one of which we ate last night)
1 Farmhouse chicken (we ate tonight) A++ I added frozen veggies too.
3 meals of Chicken Tetrazinni
15 Whole Wheat Waffles (froze 10, ate 5)

I had planned to make some freezer mashed potatoes but ran out of steam.  I'm hoping to get those in the freezer this weekend. 

Lessons Learned:  I used angel hair pasta for the Tetrazinni, I'll use penne or regular speghetti noodles next time.  Make sure you have enough items on hand.  I almost ran out of onions.  I'll make more Farmhouse chicken and freeze a batch of muffins instead of scarffing them up!  Using mini chocolate chips made these muffins delicious!
Our dog Murphy was even trying to find a way to get on the table to try these muffins!

I hope that you make an attempt at a Baking Day.  I'm sure I'll be doing this again.  I'm also going to be getting my Christmas cookie recipes out and ready to go for my Holiday Baking.    I really had a lot of fun and felt very accomplished when it was all done.  I even managed to clean up along the way and all that was left was dishes drying in the sink.  (my hubby was happy to come home to a clean kitchen, he often cleans up after I've made dinner).

It was a very productive 2 days.  I'm hoping next time I can convince a friend to bake along with me!

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