Thursday, November 12, 2009

Celebrating Girlfriends

Today over at Lysa TerKeurst blog today she is remembering a friend she lost last year.  I'm reminded that I have been blessed with great girlfriends throughout my journey.  God always seems to know right when I need a little encouragment in my life. 

I've had girlfriends that were there very early on in my military career.  They opened their homes to me for holiday's like Thanksgiving and Christmas when I lived so far away from family.  Tracy thank you.

I've had girlfriends that have given me wise counsel during times of stress and hardships.  Patty thank you.

I've had girlfriends that have welcomed me to a new neighborhood and invited me to church with their family.  She gave me a phone book and a skillet to use until our furniture arrived.  She has been a dear friend and watch over my children when they were younger and loved on them so much.  I always felt safe leaving my kids with her.  She has a great God's heart!  Lou thank you.

I've had girlfriends that have made me laugh till it hurt and a kinship connection like no other.  We have had such a spiritual connection throughout the years.  We seem to come together and strengthen each other along our different journeys.  Thank you girls, Kristina, Krista,  and Melanie! You girls ROCK!

I've had girlfriends that God truly has sent my way.  He is a gracious and giving God. 

If you are thankful for the girlfriends that God has sent your way, connect with them today!  Let them know how much they mean to you.  Pray for them today, lift them up to the Father.

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  1. Too true. It took me a LOT of years into my life -- and my marriage a shambles -- for me to realize that you really do need girlfriends in this life. Jesus had friends, and we all need them. Excellent thought.