Monday, August 10, 2009

Grateful and Able

Wow! Is really about all I can muster after attending one of the best conferences EVER! My mind has just been mush absorbing all the great information. I felt so exhausted after traveling 9 hours home. I've been recovering ever since. Life knocked on the door hard Monday. The last week before the kids went back to school loomed over me as much as the pile of laundry from the trip. I really wanted to blog but just couldn't find the time between organizing, cleaning, cooking, then cleaning again, sorting, throwing away, and making lists. I spent my spare moments reading the blogs from some amazing women from the conference. I giggled and teared-up as I read many of them, including some of the women I swapped cards with! I'll be sending a note soon ladies.

It amazed me at the women that sat next to me. I chose my seat and low and behold amazing women sat next to me. Their stories made me want to weep and jump for joy at the same time. The overwhelming feeling Friday night was indescribable. If you were there, you know what I mean. A place where women were supporting other women, praying for these women, hoping with these women. God just kept revealing himself to me with each seminar. My cup overflowed and probably spilled out on a few of the elbow sharing women who sat next to me.
Here's a few...

10. I can't do this on my own.
9. God's plan for me is a lot bigger than I imagined.
8. I need to Lead Like Jesus!
7. Start finishing my to-do list
6. Turn off my TV
5. Get in the Word Daily
4. I need to make time to write more (blog too)
3. Invest in other's walk with Jesus
2. Attend She Speaks next year, Speakers Track
1. God is my Rock and my Foundation ALWAYS!

I'm am truly blessed to have attended this conference and I can say that true clarity comes from being that close to my Heavenly Father. Thanks She Speaks women. You created a great place to hear from God. A great place to connect with God. A great place to lift women up who want to increase the calling on their lives. I am grateful and I am ABLE!


  1. "God's plan for me is a lot bigger than I'd imagined." YES!! That's one of the things I got out of She Speaks, too! I'm so glad to hear that you loved the conference - me, too!! :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful conference....Have a great day

  3. Yes, She Speaks was amazing! I hope to go back next year too. Maybe we'll get to chat! Thanks for putting the (in)courage button on your blog!
    Holley - (in)courage