Monday, July 27, 2009

Preparation and Pre-Prayed

My week is starting and a million things are on my mind. I went to bed last night already writing a to-do list in my head. There are so many things I want to get accomplished before I head out of town. I am immersed in preparations for a conference in NC.

I'm always amazed that whenever I am looking for something, a piece of clothing, a certain pair of shoes, a nice pair of earrings I can never find what I am looking for. I will search store after store, rack after rack looking pass the "ho-hum" find that is not exactly what I am looking for. However, when I am in no mood or have no money to buy these things I find a ton of the exact item I'm looking for.

I took a moment today to look at what lies ahead this week am I'm feeling so thankful. Thankful to have an opportunity like this. I'm thankful for a friend who told me about the conference and is going with me and hold my hand as I try to keep myself sane among 600 other awesome women. These are awesome women. You may ask "How do I know this since I've never even met them?" Well, it's because all these women are coming together to take the call on their life to the next level. God has called all these women for a unique purpose.

I'm really trying hard to focus on that and not what they will think of my outfit, the jewelry I'm wearing or the shoes on my feet. It's so hard. We as women are always want to make a good first impression. My hubby always says that women dress for other women. He is probably right. However, I'm reminded that God has put His impression on my heart first and foremost. It is His impression I want to represent and not my own.

We've been getting inspiring emails from the Proverbs 31 women leading up to the conference. They've all focused on being pre-prayed for this event. I'm spending time with my Father and completely surrendering to His purpose for my life. I'm also so excited for my friend who is going to meet with two publishers on a book she has written. What a huge step of faith! Please pray for us as we travel to and from NC and for all the women attending this event.


  1. I know exactly how you feel!!! :) I am also attending this conference. I will be coming from Ohio, driving with my family. So we have a long trip ahead of us. Family bonding time! :D

  2. Looking forward to meeting you on Friday night - 9:30ish. ;)Hope that "to do " list is slowly getting checked off. Mine isn't, but I realize...that is ok.

    blessings on your last two days,

  3. Sounds like a great conference, wish I could have attended too. However, its great to have a girlfriend like you, Sherry to learn and grow with right in our own "front yards"! Praise God!