Friday, July 17, 2009

Life's To-Do List

I'm sure all of you have your lists. If you're like me the older I get the more lists I need. I often catch myself making lists that never get done. Often I make one for the grocery store. I check the pantry, the fridge, the bathrooms to see what we are low on. However, even with a list I will often forget something or actually buy more than what I write down.

This weeks study was about our life. The entire span of our life. The most profound thing that Francis said this week was that death is our destiny. Whoa! No one likes to talk about it and people often avoid taking care of necessary details involved with it. It will happen. There are no doubts about that. Death is a part of life. Francis challenged us to think not about what we want to accomplish but what God wants to accomplish through us. Each day is a true gift and we should try to begin each day with the sole purpose of fulfilling His purpose.

We also discussed that age old question, no not the one about "What's for dinner", but the one about our quiet time with the Lord. We all plan to do it, schedule time to do it but as all my ladies agreed to in our small group, it is easier said than done. When we sit down to spend time with God our brains just can't focus on the task at hand. It is multi-tasking and making to-do lists. I do believe the enemy uses our inefficiencies against us. Our society is in a "hurry up and do it now" mode all the time. It is hard to shut that down. We agreed that we could use more accountability in this area of our life. We all agreed that when we spend time with our Father we feel so much better.

I'm still adding to my "bucket list" but now I'm going to try to remember God's list for me first.

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