Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'ts Crazy man...I tell you it's all about Crazy Love

Yeah! Another study...I'm so excited and today we kicked off a 10 week series entitled "Crazy Love." How cool! I actually picked up this book a couple of months ago just perusing through Books A Million one day when I was killing some time. How is it that this awesome God of the universe can speak to me in a book store and draw me to a book I've heard nothing about? But He did and I've truly enjoyed it and just received so much truth. I'm happy to be going through his DVD study. If you want to check out more information visit

It's great site and you can pick up the book at any local bookstore, however you don't need it for the study, but I recommend it.

Today was a great day. I loved meeting with the ladies this morning and everyone had some great things to share. This is where it happens people. This is where the GOOD STUFF HAPPENS! If you've ever thought you'd never go to a small are missing out. I find that it is such a great place to fellowship and find out how others are tackling life's issues. I often realize I'm not the only one and am uplifted and encouraged by their stories. I encourage you if you've been on the edge and not sure if you'd try a small group...push yourself to go and you won't be disappointed.

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