Thursday, April 2, 2009

So I finally had a chance to blog again. If it's not one thing, it's another. However, I do feel that this week that I finally have had a chance to breathe. I also added some photos from my trip to Missouri in November 2008. I somehow uploaded them from the camera and never remembered where they actually were on the computer. Don't you just love those moments? I had such a great time while there. My dad got his guns out and Travis was able to come over from his tech school in the Marines, the kids rode the 4-wheeler and hang out on the farm. It is always a pace that I enjoy. I also got a chance to see my grandma Minnie who has alzhiemers and is steadly gettin worse. She dose remember most of her immediate family, but constantly has to tell my who her son Ron is...that's my dad! I have love her so much and I have so many cool memories of her that I wish I could help her remember. She was there for me so much growing up and I loved to hang out at her house all the time.

The fun thing was that the weather was great and that we got to shoot some guns, ride the 4wheeler and the riding mower and sit on the tractor that my dad farmed with for many years. We had a great time. You might be wondering who the dog is. Well that is Wendy Mae. We got her year that I was pregnant with Logan to keep me company while Carlray was working so much. We rescued her from the pound and we were told that she was part chihuahua, part dashund, part blue heiler. Whatever she was, she was a great dog. When we found out that we had to move to Germany, we asked my parents if they would like to keep her since we didn't know what the housing situation would be like and quarentine and such in Germany. The gladly accepted and she has spent the last 11 years or so loving and thriving in the country. Most recently she has had some health issues and my dad has nursed her back to health at least twice. They love her so much. She has had the best home! In some weird way, I still think she is my dog...

In other news, we are getting ready for spring break next week. Hopefully we'll make a trip to Sea World with the kids and maybe hit Downtown Disney for the day. Our church is just buzzing along with details of our most recent move to and Elementary school across the street! It was amazing to see our congregation worshiping in our new space. God is so magnificent. I found a most awesome book the other day in BAM. Crazy Love by Francis Chan. It is so cool and I'm enjoying reading in the evenings. I seem to get in and out of reading depending on my time. I love reading! God's been good and I'm looking forward to my date night with my favority guy on Friday! Blessings.

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