Friday, February 6, 2009

Our new addition to the Family!

This is a photo of some of us at the Lone Cabbage over the holidays. My kids and my cousins family. Check out my nephew in the back...he has his eyes funny. We had a great time and actually saw some big gators. Who knew these boats can go over land...pretty scary ride but so worth it. The girl up front Mary Ann is my cousins sister and she is now Travis' girlfriend. They hit it off so well while they were here. I loved having family at the house over the holidays...we always seem to travel....and never get to stay home.

O.k. now for the Puppy!

So we got a puppy. After much consideration, thought and some much need prayer we decided to get a puppy. We have been looking for almost a year for a puppy. We had narrowed it down to a few breeds, size and colors. I was really hoping to save a dog from a rescue but I literally pawned over sites almost weekly looking for a suitable fit for our family. We had a bad episode with some puppies over 5 years ago, which was totally (only 5 years later am I able to admit it) wrong about it all. Feelings sure got in the way of that decision, big time. I had been swayed by a friend of mine who had a really nice Chihuahua and thought that would be a great breed for our family. By the time all was said and done we had bought 2 dogs from a somewhat shady breeder. Why two? I was always brought up believing that you always get 2 dogs because they can keep each other company. We were both working at the time and had small children...what were we thinking. They peed more than any dogs I have ever seen. They barked more than any other dog I have ever seen and to boot we received a notice from the County that someone had called in a noise complaint. All during a time that we were stretched to the very limit with life, jobs, kids, church, etc.... It just didn't work out. Don't fret...they went to very good homes, just not ours. So after that fiasco, I was very HESITANT to get another dog. Logan has been begging for a dog to the point he was saving up his own money to pay for half of a dog. He spent many hours looking for "cheap dogs" via the Internet. We were very close to getting a daschund too. However, with my allergies we had to go with a dog that is somewhat hypoallergenic and doesn't shed much. This breed is especially hypoallergenic and is very intelligent. We are currently crate training and it is going very well. I also think being home all the time is a huge help because we can monitor the dog and take care of it throughout the day. Most bishon's are white and I wasn't crazy about that so when we found a red one...he was just the one.

Living in the country we only had dogs that lived outside. Having inside dogs are a lot of work and I'm thankful that we waited until the kids because they are learning some very valuable lessons and I am not so stressed. Oh, his name is Murphy. Kinda because it sounds cool, but probably because during FPU last fall Dave talked about how having an emergency fund seems to keep Murphy know Murphy's Law, what can happen will! Well how fitting. What could happen finally did...we got a puppy!

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  1. He is so precious! I love the fact that he is not white because then you won't have to worry about his face getting that gross staining around the eyes that white dogs get! He is really cute, and I love the name, and the story behind! Congrats! And I think this is the perfect age for your kids to get a dog.