Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hello everyone. I'm so excited about this series. Society sure socks it to us ladies with diets, makeup, wrinkle creams and the like. We are bombarded by so many mixed messages on t.v., at the check-out lanes and even amoung our closest friends. Come on ladies, if we are to be truly honest most of us at one time or another has compared ourselves to the neighbor or friend who was able to loose all her baby weight without doing anything. All the while you are trying your hardest to drop a few pounds and the excuse "of just having a baby" has long worn out as your youngest child is in Kindergarten. Why is it so hard for us to tell each other (women) how nice they look? For many years I never said it. I thought that if I said that to another woman, it was a put down for me. Somehow it made me look and feel worse.
Looks like there is lots of work to do to change what I've let the world tell be about beauty. Let's dive in to see what God says about beauty and how he created us in HIS image as we begin this Beautiful Series.

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