Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Let's play catch up!

I'm really falling down on this blog thing. How is it that someone who loves to talk as much as I do can't seem to put some of them in writing? It's all realative, I guess. I guess I am just enjoying life lately. God has been moving in all areas of my life. It's exciting to begin a new year with wonder and hope for what is to come. Despite watching the inauguration with some distention I was still in awe of the country in which we live. How awesome to live in a free country. I'm so reminded everyday the need to pray for our leaders. I prayed at the dinner table yesterday that the presidents heart would be softened enough to hear God's guidance. We must still keep the faith! Just when I'm getting just a little down about THAT whole situation I'm reminded that God is growing our church body by leaps and bounds! He is moving and it is wonderful to see his hands at work. Each time I walk into the sanctuary I almost feel electricity in the air. It's amazing

Switching subjects...the dentist. Both my kids went to the dentist over the last two weeks. Today Kennedy went for her 2nd visit in her life. She did so good. I was totally amazed since it was only about a year ago that we attempted a trip to the dentist. She wouldn't even open her mouth. I even tried to bribe her with princess slippers. She wasn't having any of it. What a difference a year makes. She seemed so little starting kindergarten and now she is reading and picking out words all over the house. She even tries to read the back of the boxes of things in then pantry. I don't remember Travis and Logan learning to read like her. I'm sure they did but it seems so long ago. It is all new for her and I'm am just enjoying watching her learn. My son Logan is such a smart guy. Helping him learn is so gratifying. We teach our kids things all the time but sometimes when they just GET IT...I almost cry! I'm such a sap!

Switching subjects again...tonight was the preview for another Financial Peace University class at church. Can you believe we had almost 25 people and only 4 of them were folks who already attend New Hope...the others were all brand new peope! Yippee! It's so exciting to meet new people. I just love it! It has made a huge impact in my life and my family's life. Carlray and I have never talked about money so much without fighting. lol. It is awesome. It has really enriched out marriage and has brought us so close!

Well, it's time for a shower, a little reading and curl up under some warm blankets. Keep warm folks, the journeys getting interesting!

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