Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lifes little bumps!

Well, it seems that keeping up with all this online technology is harder than you think. Sometimes it like telling the same story over and over again.

Life sure throws you some bumps in the road. I have really been thinking about that lately. However, these bumps usually don't bother me as much as they used to in the past. Why? Probably because we can anticipate them a little better, we have more patience and frankly just know that God is in control. Doubting used to be a regular part of my schedule. Wondering, trying to figure out whether we were doing the right thing or not in different life situations. I have learned that God has taken care of it in the past and as long as we continue to make choices within God's boundaries we save ourselves much grief, strife and just plan ole' hurt.

Just like this week. I'm realizing that planning things out can take the stress out of most any situation. I find when I take the time to lesson plan for Logan for the week, it goes much smoother. When i take the time to write all the scheduled events in my organizer, I have a much better week. Take our recent AC going out. We have known like most Floridians (I guess I can say that since we have lived here for almost 8 years) that your AC won't last forever. It WILL go out and when it does it is not and easy does it, run to the Home Depot fix kind of problem. The normal household has to call in reinforcements to get this problem fixed. Knowing that this may happen for the past two years we have been blessed to put back a reasonable amount that it would cost to replace a new AC unit. Just know that has helped getting through this somewhat traumatic experience that could leave most people out cussing on the front porch and eyeballing those erring repairmen as they write up the OUTLANDISH estimate that you are somehow supposed to accept without question.

Since we are in control of the situation, did our homework and got educated on AC units, we were armed with an vocabulary arsenal that would make most AC repairmen drool. Powered with this knowledge I felt comfortably adept at making my demands known and getting the best deal. Letting this kind of cash out the door without a fight would be down right despicable.

Chalk up another of life's bumps that really didn't feel that bumpy after all. I still doubt on occasion, tend to be paranoid at times (that's the paralegal in me) and continue to stand on my faith that God knows best for me and to try to live my life by his rules.

Oh, is anyone ready for Christmas yet...I totally am!

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