Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Working under Pressure!

It's a busy week and I'm actually getting more accomplished being half-sick than I do most weeks when I'm running at 100%. I think I work better under pressure. Most people do not like pressure and are completely organized months in advance. These people are just plain weird. My apologies if you are the one who has their Christmas cards filled out, addressed and stamped waiting for their shining moment as the mail Carrier picks them up and delivers them to their destination with glee. Your Christmas gifts bought and nicely wrapped waiting in the closet or under the bed with just a hint of dust on them waiting, yearning to be placed under the tree. You have the house that is always clean, things neatly stowed in their proper place and it looks as if elves themselves lived with you to take care of all the details. Everything nicely coordinated down to the drapes. Precious knick-knacks that accentuate each corner of your spectacular decorum lends to the question, did you hired an actual decorator.

I pride myself on being able to pull my house together just in the nick of time before the first guest walks through the door. I've also learned to lower my standards. I loved when one of my fellow bloggers mentioned that, dog gone it, its my house and this is it people! I love it and like it a little lived in! My husband sometimes says that we should have guests over more often, it's the only time the house get a good cleaning! I'm not laughing. I actually enjoy the challenge and can whip out a meal, clean the house, organize and throw out piles of garbage all in an afternoon.

I try to be organized and plan ahead for things but it often turns out to be futile. Something always happens to foil my plan of attack. So in essence it does come down to finally getting it all done in a matter a hours. I also enjoy getting a good deal. The thrill of the hunt. I never seem to plan those purchases that far out. Have you ever needed a piece of clothing, a certain pair of shoes and when you are ready to purchase you can't find anything. When just a few weeks earlier you, when you weren't ready to purchase there seemed to be an over abundance of them.

The pressure of shopping, parenting, work, cleaning, bring it on! I work so much better under it. It makes the down time that much better. It's ok and I'm ok with it!

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