Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lead your heart!

It's been about two years now that we have been implementing date night. We don't always make it every week but try very hard to make sure we get it in every other week...(usually payday). It's amazing how much we need to spend time with each other and how often we forget the things we need to share with each other throughout the week. Interruptions are a constant in our house. It doesn't matter if it I'm making dinner, on the phone, on the computer, cleaning house, trying to get something, anything accomplished, there are interruptions. They especially happen when Carlray and I are trying to have an intelligent conversation about important or semi-important stuff that we need or want to share with each other. We often don't even bother starting a conversation when we know we will be interrupted. Its crazy. Date nights are often spent catching up with each other, sharing our feelings about things and planning stuff for the future. We had a chance to go out to dinner (coupon BOGO at Mimis) and then to movies to see Fireproof.

The movie was great and everyone that has seen it says the same thing. It is a great, positive movie about God and marriage. I loved a part in the movie where one of Kirk's friend learns of his recent Salvation and how badly he wants his marriage to work. His friend states that don't always go with your feelings, they will mislead you, learn to choose each day to love your wife and lead your heart to where you want it to go. Wow! It's a choice every day to love unconditionally. God loves us even when we reject him constantly, when he receives nothing in return. When we learn to love like God and what REAL love is, it can change your whole world. Feelings can totally get us into trouble. Even when I don't FEEL like cleaning up the kitchen or the bathrooms, I do it because I love my family and want them to have a clean house. I know it sounds simple, and it really is. Its a choice.

Go see the movie with your spouse or potential spouse, it's totally worth it! Date nights are great and totally renew us and our love and commitment for each other. Make it a priority, no matter what!

Choosing to read through the New Testament has been awesome matter what it makes me feel so close to the Lord! TTFN folks....

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