Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's times like these that make us think!

Hello all...some have heard but if you haven't I had some bad news this week. My cousin Heather Anne was killed in an accident this past Sunday along with her sister-in-law Tonya. Her husband Jason and most of their family had arrived on Saturday for a 10day family vacation. They were touring a remote spot called Queens Bath on the island of Kauai when a wave over took Heather pulling her down on the rocks. Tonya tried to help as another wave overtook them both dragging them into the water. Jason jumped in to try to help but was unsuccessful and barely made it back to the shoreline. It comes as such a tragedy. My cousin Heather was well loved by everyone she came in contact with. My uncle Charlie and Veda of Wilmington, NC are so very dear to me. Both families are going through so much.

I can't even imagine losing a child at any age. I've been searching and reading lots about grief and losing a child. All seems to make sense but when you are the one affected, nothing seems to help. This has hit me a lot harder than I would've thought. We kept in touch but not regularly as with most families we grow and move/live in different parts of the country. We all stay informed through our parents/aunts and uncles as to the latest news. But anytime you have a death in the family it makes you stop right in your tracks. You just take for granted that family will always be there. Heather was only 33. She had been married for only 3 years and was thinking of starting a family. Heather always had a smile for you that could light up a room. I know she was such a good person because her parents instilled in her such great qualities. They too are wonderful people.

I'm sadden by this loss and at the same time broken-hearted for my aunt and uncle. Heather also leaves behind a younger brother Paul. It will be hard for all of them. Jason, Heathers husband is dealing with the loss of his wife and sister. His sister Tonya leaves behind two children 10yo and7yo and a husband. This is such a terrible unforeseen tragedy and it happened so far from home.

It is times like these that really make us think about the important people in our lives. I too, am guilty of not seeing my family on a regular basis. Life just seems to get in the way. Please continue to pray for both of these families as I know God is watching over them. Please pray that all those who want to travel will be able to financial afford it and be there to support the family.

I'm grateful for all that I have and need to make sure I'm telling my loved ones how much they are loved. We are never guaranteed tomorrow, so make the best of today!

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