Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Waiting to See a Marine

Well here we are in South Carolina waiting to see a Marine. He is a Marine now, not just a recruit, which is what he has been called for the last 3 months, up until last Sat. He made it through a 49 mile march, 29 missions/challenges, only 2 MREs, carrying all their gear and all this with little or no sleep for 54 hours straight. I would say THAT was quite an accomplishment. Here we are ready to celebrate with him. We are all here, his mom, his dad, brother, sister, bonus mom and best friend. We are so excited to see him at o'dark thirty in the morning. We are getting up early to go see him do his MOTO run. (motivational run). They will line up and we will all be in our Yello 2nd battalion shirts yelling our heads off for him. Then he will do his final 5 mile run, change clothes and then be able to see us for family day.

We met with many other parents/friends, relatives this evening at a local restaurant..which was excellent! It was great to meet all of the folks we have been communicating with over the last few months. It honestly has kept me sane and I feel as if I know these people like family. It was great to get together and the excitement was electric.

We have packed a lunch so we can spend time talking and sharing with him about his journey. I am still amazed that we are handling it all so well. I mean we haven't seen Travis in over 3 do we let our children go? I know it has to happen but it is HARD! He is a Marine. I am filled with pride and admire him so much for getting through such a tough 3 months. I am also more than ever amazed at all of the men and women who serve. When you think about all the freedom we have...we have a lot to be thankful for and those who serve really make it possible.

Here's a cool quote:
Some people go their whole lives never knowing if they made a difference in the lives of others...Marines don't have that problem! Semper Fi! OoooRahhh!

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