Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Memories and money!

Since I have been truly enjoying reading everyone else's blogs...I am guilted into getting one on the site. What's going on in my life these days. Well, lots.

This week we have actually been doing all the things I've been trying to do (you know the schedule that you make up and try to follow until you can't find the schedule anymore and it's completely tossed out the window) each day. Last week was a complete mess. Logan was sick which through off our homeschooling schedule, which was never fully on track because of the hurricanes. My house was a mess so I spent time trying to clean like a mad woman. My grandmother fell ill and was placed in ICU to have brain surgery and that was consuming my thoughts most of the time. Let's talk about my grandmother.

My grandma's name is Minnie Vianna Shrum...she hates her middle name...but I have always loved her whole name. My parents built their house in 1975 on 2 acres of land that was a 5min walk down the hill from my grandma's house. The house my dad and 3 aunts grew up in. I was 5 when my mom and dad moved in. My grandfather had died in 1971 of a massive heart attack and my dad came home to run the family farm. I remember being at my grandmas house all the time...it was my escape! I had more sleepovers there than at any girlfriends house and it was there that we talked about Jesus, boys, how to garden, life and french kissing. She said that it was totally unnecessary (french kissing, that is). How will you know it is true love, grandma? She replied, "You'll know, your heart will tell you." I sat beside her every Sunday at church and often had to give up my spot when my two other girl cousins visited. There is just 3 girls and 5 boys (grand kids). I spent many Sunday dinners at her house. She always had something cooking. She let me fix her hair and I often colored over her gray. I learned how to sew, how to fix things and she was just fun to be around. She always had a candy dish on the coffee table between the two recliners in the living room. It was either filled with chocolate peanuts or peppermints. I remember us taking a break during the hot summer months working in the garden. We would always break for lunch right about the time her "stories" came on. That is what she called her soap that she like to watch. Then she would somehow fall asleep with her mouth wide open toward the end.... I didn't care if we did nothing...but I wanted to do nothing with her.

My grandma is 84, and she has always been a spry and busy woman. She now has Alzheimer's, osteoporosis, and most recently has been having mini strokes. I don't want her to go to heaven before I see her one more time....I pray that I will. Although I will rejoice and be glad when the day comes for her to meet the Father, for I know she will be waiting for me when I get there.

I'm sorry to be so sad...but I think I get my cheery disposition and determination from her. Also, my love for the Lord runs very deep and I know she had a lot to do with that. I'm happy to be getting ready for some great things at my church. I'm attending Financial Peace University and I'm just totally stoked and somewhat nervous too. I'm mean who wants to peal back the layers of their checkbook and reveal.....you know the bible says, where you place your money, there your heart may be also....mine may be at Starbucks..or Target...or Dunkin Donuts......Pottery Barn...


  1. Beautiful, Sherry! I loved reading about your grandma. This is very special. I pray that you will get to see her one more time.
    Hope this next week is calmer and better. is logan feeling any better?

  2. Sherry! I'm praying for your Grandma, and that God will give you your desire to see her before He takes her home..it made me think of my own Grandma..even though it has been 3 years since she died, I think of her very often, and every once in a while I'll just sit and have a good cry...just because I miss her. I relate so well to your memories with your grandma, mine was a very big part of my life as well..

    I hope Logan is feeling better!
    I miss you!!