Friday, August 22, 2008

The aftermath...the clean-up...Thank you for the mess!

I think the worst part of a mess is not really how it happens, who did it or how it got there. No, it's the cleanup that make me anxious, irritable and just plain grumpy. Yes, we have damage. I'm not going to complain too much...but I guess sometimes you just get tired of putting up....."Oh, everything is fine here!" sort of answers. By in no means are we suffering, however, we have carpet tiles in the garage attempting to dry out. It's starting to smell. We pulled up our laminate in our bedroom and there is more damage than expected. We have pulled up over half of it and will have to put in new base boards and new laminate in that area. It is only about a 5x6 feet area that was damaged but with laminate you have to pull it up in rows. Luckily, we bought a little extra a few years back, for those "just in case" moments. We are still going to probably need to get at least another box. Finding it will only be a problem...they probably don't' make that style anymore and then well....we would have to replace the whole bedroom with something different. We now are trying to think about how we can prevent this in the future...sealing the concrete, gutters, etc... I see dollar signs.

Oh well, we are bless to have an emergency fund just for these occasions, so I'm not stressing too much. God has blessed us beyond all measures and this too shall pass. I do think it makes me more thankful than not in situations like this. I'm more thankful for the little things. A house, food, clothing, family and just good old fashioned neighborly kindness. Our neighbors are awesome. We spent sharing and caring with each other.

In all things GIVE THANKS! Dear Lord, thank you for this mess because I know there are people much worse off than us that have no resources to help them. Be with them and give them peace and help them to find you again. You show us each day that we can lean on you for strength and wisdom. Help my faith to always be strong and my doubts to be few. Thank you for what we have and for what we lost....keep us healthy both in mind and body! You are and awesome and mighty God...thank you for the mess. Amen!

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