Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fay Fotos...From Wickham Lakes....literally!

Yes, this is our street. The van you see has been towed away...really before it was about to float away. It's amazing, we have never seen this much water in our neighborhood. The "Wickham Lakes" have overflowed and is not allowing the drains to work properly.

Our Neighbors behind us ended up evacuating because
the water was starting to reach their front door....

We ventured out to see the sights and Kennedy
was sorta scared...the water was so deep....

We caught some of the kids out floating by. We had at least 2 feet of standing water in some areas and more along the outskirts of the is now starting to go down (a little) but it is still raining at our house. Some had to worry more because some houses sit on the lake and it was about to overflow in their backyards and then in their front yards the water was coming up to the garage doors....yikes....

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