Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fay, flooding and friends

Well, like most people, AGAIN another day dealing with Hurricane Fay. Just when you think you are out of the hits. Our whole neighborhood is flooded, and when I mean flooded, I mean that we have water coming up over our sidewalks up toward the tires on the cars in the driveway. Our end of the street at the intersection is about 1-2 feet underwater. Some have water coming up on both sides of their homes...the lake in the back...the street in the front. We went walking out to see how bad it really was almost comical to see the kids on floatation devices floating down the middle of our streets. Quite amazing, really. We only know of a few people who actually left...most have stayed to fight the good flood fight to keep water at bay....or at least out of their houses. Our neighbors have congregated into each others garages for moral support and a chance for the kids to burn off some much pent up energy. We have some of the best drainage systems in the county and there is just no place for the water to go.

The lake between us and Wal-Mart has overflowed and cased the closure of that part of Wickham road. You are not allowed to drive into our neighborhood. Most have parked and the Health First parking lot and walked in. What's amazing is that the water is still at the same level it was when we went to bed last night.

As far as damage...we along with many others have had some water seeping up from the foundation. The West side of our house has had it the worst. We had to pull carpet up last night in the kids bedrooms and put towels in its place. Now we are just playing the towel drying game. We also notice water seeping in underneath the laminate in our bedroom...not sure what we are going to do about that. At least we have those square carpet makes it much easier to pull up and place in the garage for an attempt at drying out. We do have electric and all the comforts...we also have our neighbors who are still in good spirits despite the view from our garages. Water is everywhere we look. It will take days for us to dry out. I guess I'm just more frustrated with the mess that comes along with water damage.

However, we are so thankful that we have our home in tact and we are all safe. My heart goes out to those who have water flooding their entire house. Keep all of us in prayer and Fay is still dropping rain on us and for the sun to shine soon. What a strange week it has been.

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  1. Oh, sorry to hear about your water damage! I know I was worried about our laminate floors... Hope it all gets under control quickly there. It's good to hear that neighbors were acting like neighbors, sounds like you have a nice group of people in your neighborhood. Prayers for the subdiv to drain out! And that the water damage is minimal. Can you imagine the mosquitoes we are going to have???? love the pics.