Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The wind blew, the rain poured and the drill fell.

Today, along with many others in the surrounding area, were affected by our first real hurricane Fay. These hurricanes seem to move rather quickly but this one is different. It seemed to just hang around and dump lots of rain and bring lots of wind. Just another day in beautiful Florida during hurricane season. The day was just odd. School was out, we were home bound today and that was o.k. Did some baking, hung out in my neighbors garage and let the kids play. Finally got motivated to do some more organizing and then it happened.

Have you ever done something (on accident) that just makes you feel really dumb? Here I am thinking I'm doing some really cool handy stuff by marking the space where the L-brackets will hold the new shelves we bought to the wall. I'm on the ground, pencil in hand moving from one bookcase to the next and then the shelf begins to fall towards me and I attempt to keep it from falling on me and WHAM! It happened. The cordless drill was on top of that shelf and it tipped over and fell right on my head. Visions of my children seeing me pass out or become unconscious was causing me more anxiety than the injury. I began to lie flat on the floor making sure I wasn't bleeding and asked my son to grab the phone, just in case I passed out. "Call your dad and see where he is," I softly spoke, trying not to evoke panic in my children. How does a mother handle these tense situations? I made myself keep my sanity. Their father wasn't too far away but I thought I would be o.k. Kennedy went and retrieved the boo-boo icepack for me. Which I totally needed for this huge bump forming on my head. Owie. Lay down and be calm was what I kept telling myself. Fortunately, I feel fine, the bump hurts and I think because it didn't fall very far was what really save my poor skull. Maybe my mom knew best when she said I was thick-headed. lol.

Now that I am home with my children, I worry like Kate , the mom on that really cool show John and Kate plus 8---she said that she is always in fear of being out of commission. Today, I was fearful I would be out of commission for a little while. However, God is a mighty God and sends his angels to watch over us....I have had moments in my life where I truly felt that. Today, God sent and angel to make sure we were o.k. I'm thankful. Now, I need some Motrin for my head......:-(

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  1. Awww...Sherry! Thankfully you are okay! I have often wondered what would happen if something happened to me with just the little ones home..praise God he is always watching..
    Don't you know to leave that stuff to the man in the house??? lol