Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm on a loose weight if kills me...uggghh

I'm sure there are plenty of well intentioned, well educated, motivated women out there who stay in constant battle with the bathroom scales. I am one of them. Over the last two months I have really, really tried to take some of these dreaded pounds off. I am not winning the battle. The things I used in the past to help lose weight seem to be of no help to me now. What happen to my REAL body and where did you hide my metabolism? I really dislike (I really want to say hate here....but we just had a sermon on Love.....) those people who can pop babies out and still go back to their pencil size, before baby jeans hips. Those that say, I eat whatever I like and work out just a little bit...... It is part of my job to stay in shape. I have to run 1.5 miles and do a bunch of push-ups (guys) and sit ups in a certain amount of time as well as have my mid-section taped. I can do this despite my size...but I just don't want too...I am fed up with the way my body looks, feels and just disgusted at the way my clothes don't fit. I also don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a personal trainer or diet program that may or may not work despite my best efforts. I have worked out for many years, I know how to lift weights, have good form, I know how to eat-clean, for pete's sake I ran in the Disney Marathon in Jan of far I have fallen............:-(

Now, I am not a negative person and know that what I have just said is probably sounds very harsh....I have been walking sooo much, almost every night, exercising more, running and trying to eat well.....why? Tell me why it is not happening. This week is a NO KIDDING, kick my metabolism in the rear, watching calories like a hawk, portion control and exercising intensely...if that doesn't get me some results...well I'll just post another depressing blog. Tell me are there others out there that just get tired of getting nowhere with the bathroom scale. I am so frustrated....I'll let you know at the end of the week with how it works out. I'm not asking for big number here....5lbs wouldn't be too much to 20lbs is all I'm aiming for.

Pray for me and my stay motivated and to not be too hard on myself.....yikes!

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