Thursday, August 7, 2008

The mailbox never looked so good!

Well, I just have to blog and update on Twb in boot camp. After waiting for what seemed weeks (really only about 11 day) we finally received a letter. I know he is fine and all of the other parents that I have been communicating with on have been so supportive, I still wanted a letter really bad. We pray for him everyday and send him letters every other day in the mail. It makes us feel better to write him. His letter was so sweet. Started off with "sorry I haven't written in a while, we have been so busy getting ready for phase 2". He is doing well and passed him swimming qualifications. Now, I know how to swim, but they have to do it in full gear, with boots on too. He did really well and passed his inspections twice. I guess they were only expecting one inspection, but ended up receiving two. However, he was one of only twelve that passed. Yippe! He even wrote that he has been attending chapel each Sunday except (he wrote this letter on a Sat) tomm because he just had so much stuff to catch up on. He talked about how really hot it is there and that their A/C broke. Can you imagine people? He has rifle week coming up and it will be ALOT of shooting. Although, Twb loves shooting and am pretty confident he will do well. Some of the parents have sent powerbars and he was so thankful for that. They also will have passed through the gas chambers....yucko! Most parents tell us that no phone call/no worries. He thanked us for writing even though he hasn' sweet right? Marine, sweet...he probably wouldn't want me saying that, lol. Oorah...we are now looking online to order our cool "proud parent of a marine" shirts to wear to graduation. Do we sound like totally gushing parents? That's o.k. I'm not a Marine so I guess I'm allowed to gush. Continue to pray for him that he stays healthy and well during these tough outdoor weeks on the rifle range. This month is a really tough month for him. I'm am so into getting the mail since he left....

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