Monday, July 7, 2008

Community, Girlfriends and God, who could want more?

I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th weekend as much as I did. I have to say we often spend most holidays just here hanging around the house or getting together with another couple for a meal. This past weekend, however was much different.

A few months back I began to see more and more of my neighbors out with their children in the evenings. We would meet to let the kids play around, ride scooters, bikes and the like. It was a great way to build relationships. How is it that we have lived here for over 7 years and we have still yet to really communicate with our neighbors, but an occasional "hello, how are things?" Well, anyway we all decided that it would be great to have a 4th get together. Then we decided why not invite the whole street to the event. We would all just pull our grills out front, bring some chairs and food to share. I only had a few responses leading up to the 4th so we only expected the few of us to show up. However, we had over 30 neighbors and kids come. We had plenty of good food from burgers, dogs, fruit, baked beans, potato salad, sweets and more. The weather was so great and even with a few sprinkles everyone enjoyed themselves. We all got a chance to get to know each other and the bonds we created will be everlasting. This is what community is all about. Sharing and caring with those around you. It was a great feeling and everyone is now talking about the next time we can all get together. What an awesome day!
It was a late night as no one wanted to go home! The fireworks were great and it was so much fun watching the kids have a good time.

The next morning I got a call from my "adopted daughter" as I like to call her Krista that Melanie was in town and did I want to do dinner later that night. A chance to get together with my God's Girlfriends....of course, I'm there! We all met at Chili's and then all 5 of us made it over to the Melting Pot for none other than the most delicious chocolate fondue for dessert. Yummo! What a great way to catch up, share what God is doing in our lives and encourage one another. We all have a long history together and am amazed how God has worked in each of our lives. We are all planning a trip to Greece next! I love my girlfriends and I truly believe God placed them in my life to share my journey with Christ.

Then after a wonderful nite with the ladies, Sunday service at church was just amazing. I love getting my batteries recharged at church. Sometimes I feel God's presence so deeply and so sharply that I am brought to tears. God is moving at New Hope and I'm enjoying the journey. Our vision is to help unbelievers and believers become followers of Jesus Christ.

Well, as my weekend wrapped us I was able to rest on the shoulders of my hubby while we watched the Olympic trials in swimming and track. I love watching the Olympics...

I can't ask for a better way to spend the holiday, with Community, Girlfriends and God!

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