Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Getting a Glimpse

I interrupt my 31 Day blogging to bring you a great post by a fellow blogger I've followed for several years. Her 31 Day journey is about being a Mentoring Mom. Today, I totally felt her post! I felt I was being mentored and totally needed to hear this. I just had to share it as my 31 Day Journey of Tweens & Teens is moving right along! Plus, it was right on topic!

This post reminded me that I do want to be FRONT AND CENTER for my son as he moves into manhood. I'm not giving up or giving in and am grateful to watch his heart follow Jesus and become the future makings of a great husband, provider, and father one day. To get a glimpse of his heart along the journey is such a privilege that I won't soon forget! Even the hard days, the wrong choices, and the mistakes all give me a glimpse in how God is shaping and molding him to become a strong and mighty force for the kingdom!

Whether you have a teen right now or just young boys, I hope you pop over to this post and read. It is a great reminder that we are all on a journey! We've been given such an amazing task as a mother! Don't give up, and be the mom they need!

Balancing Beauty and Bedlam Terrible Teens, I beg to differ.

Oh sweet friends, it truly doesn't have to be the terrible teens! God offers us so much more than terrible! Seeking His leading during these transition years is so important. God truly has given you everything you need to fulfill this parenting role. Just trust in His guidance and keep pursuing His wisdom!


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