Thursday, June 20, 2013

Under Construction

Isn't it always the case? You, me, and most of the human race find themselves at some point along this journey,under construction. Again, here I am updating my blog. Thank heavens for upgrades in technology which make this job somewhat easier. But, just as our home DIY projects with my DH, that I do them so infrequently that it ends up taking twice as long because of all the missteps along the way. I find the mistakes, humbling, necessary and most of the time humorous.

Catching up along this journey is what I hope to do within the next week or so. Way too much life has been happening not to share with you. Between trying out new recipes, (pretending I'm on the Next Food Network Star, hey I can dream right?), finishing projects, hanging out with the kiddos this summer and wondering where all my times goes are just a few of the exciting items I feel compelled to share.

Forgive the size of these photos, remember 'under construction' and pray for me as I work to get this blog up and running smoother and for me and to continue to blog more frequently. God has been doing so much in my life and this journey just keeps getting I didn't say easier, but it is a journey nonetheless! Let's go!

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