Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 3...31 Days of Health----Resources

Hey ladies, enjoying getting my mind sorted this morning for the week ahead. Aren't we glad there is only 1 Monday in a week! Today I wanted to share a personal story and some resources for healthy living.

I must admit that I'm a magazine-a-holic! I don't necessarily like the ones that take pictures of fashion-don'ts or who is in and out of rehab...but I truly enjoy those magazines that promote healthy living-home organizing-menu planning-and smart shopping. My recycle man loves me and I often swap-out with neighbors and friends or donate them so I feel that it is money well spent...and helps my son's band booster club.

Recently, because of being proactive and having a great doctor they found a cyst in my r-breast. After close monitoring, it increased in size that warranted a ultra-sound guided biopsy. I tried to convince myself that this was no-big-thang, but even for this God's made my mind leap to the "what ifs." I began to pray constantly up and through the procedure. Lord, you are not surprised by this and I give you control. It was a lot more painful, due to the cyst being very deep and because I have what is called "dense-breast."

But, I'm overstatic to report that the cyst deflated upon completion of the biopsy and the results of the tissue were--and I am directly quoting here--"no malignant traces found." Halle-lu-jah....(in my best southern-baptist swagger) Praise and Thank ya Jesus! However, I now devour anything breast cancer related....hence

Prevention magazine. (just so you know...I in no way and promoting or getting anything in return for singing their praises)The latest issue had a great article in it about recent advances for Breast Cancer. Guess what?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month! Prevention has a great article about "The Natural way to Beat Breast Cancer." If there is a way that we can up the chances that we "don't" get cancer...I'm all in.

Dr. Oz quoted a great statement in his article in Prevention, "People need to understand that when they walk into a grocery store, they are walking into a pharmacy, and the power of those foods is as powerful as medicine." Go Dr. Oz! We all need to be reminded that food plays a huge part in our everyday health and we are charged with that responsibility for our children.

The USDA has a great site, that my friend the "super-dietitian" sites often. It's the MyPlate website. This site is great from remembering what proper portions are and how to inspire your menus to take a more healthy turn. It is one of those sites that you need to add to your favorites!

Today, is the start of a new week. Start looking at your plate...does it measure up? Are you getting all that your body needs?

Today--is never too late to start making better choices and take the nearest on-ramp to the road of healthy living. The benefits might just surprise you!

The energy goes up.....and maybe the scale will go down! Take your health seriously, we're only given this one life---there are no rehearsals.

Be blessed-less stressed-and eat some broccoli!

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  1. Sherry, thanks for stopping by my blog this week. It sounds like we have a lot in common. I love that you are doing a series on healthy living. I'm trying to make some changes myself so I will be following you!