Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Summer in Review Part I

Hello. Yes I took a break from blogging over the summer. It was a busy summer and this is why.

I had the opportunity to take my kids back to my parents farm for three weeks. It was the first time that I had been home for that long since I joined the military in 1989. Crazy, I know but that's how life is. My kids had a blast driving the riding mowers, digging in the dirt and helping grandpa in his beautiful garden. Not everyone was as receptive though. Kennedy stated after she had been toiling and sweating in the garden with grandpa that she was definitely not having a farm when she grew up. It was just too much work. I enjoyed all the fresh veggies I could and those people who said veggies don't add pounds-was wrong. We even had the chance to shuck the first crop of sweet corn before we had to leave.

The whole reason for planning this trip was to attend my stepson Travis' wedding on June 19th. He married a beautiful young woman named MaryAnn. Their wedding was simple, beautiful and at a serene "by the waters edge" setting that made it magical. The weather was very warm for June but the evening went so well, no one really noticed. They make a beautiful couple.

Kennedy got to be the flower girl and she just loved it! What a princess!

After the wedding we drove to Cosby, Tennessee. We have always driven past TN and wanted to stay in a cabin. This time we planned it so that on the drive to FL we would stop and stay a few nights and visit Gatlinburg, TN. We rented a cabin and went hiking, rock climbing, played in the rambling river beside the cabin and made a fire every night(even though it was 90+degrees outside). MaryAnn and Travis were able to stop by for a night on their way to NC. We absolutely want to go back. It was amazing and so relaxing. I read my bible in the mornings while enjoying my coffee on the expansive deck overlooking the river. Simply amazing.

Down at the Old Mill restaurant in Pigeon Forge...yummy!

I don't know if anyone else has these problems, but just as we were ready to pull away from the cabin and start our 10 hour trip to Florida, our drivers side window decides not to work. We weren't able to grab it and tape it up so we had to stop, buy some duct tape and trash bags to patch up the open hole. It was a loud ride home. The following week, the passenger side window decided to follow suit and not work. Cha-ching people!


4th of July Block Party.
This is the third year that we held a street block party. It all started because all of us had kids and weren't going to be out on the roads on this holiday. It has now become an annual event. It was an awesome time, but I have no pictures? I think because we sort of got rained out while we were eating. However, the weather cooperated and our neighbor J.D. put on a spectacular fireworks show for us. We are so blessed to live on a street where we know almost all our neighbors. To top that, I know that I could ask them anything and count on them to help with whatever. Blessed beyond what I deserve!

The next summer event was a good friends wedding. Krista (Ta-Ta as she is known at our house) has been what I would call a member of the family for quite some time. She has been such a blessing to our family over the years, I can't begin to tell you. It was such a joyous day to watch her get married to a wonderful guy named Dave! It was a beautiful day and a great time reconnecting with friends.

Well, this is Part I of the Summer in Review...read on for more!

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