Thursday, June 26, 2008

I don't hear pitter patter of little feet, anymore:(

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been taking care of some little ones. Last week, I watched Gracie, 2yo, Joshua 3yo, Camryn, 4yo and Grant 10mo and today little Ethan, 7mo. First of all, I love little baby feet, completely obsessed, really! I love to look at them, smell them, tickle them and play, this little piggie went to market a hundred times over. I can still remember my first born Logan's tiny feet...I was in love! Wow, that's been over 11 years ago. And Kennedy, her tiny little feet were just so sweet, she is now 5. I don't think I've stopped to realize that those tiny little feet don't pitter patter anymore. They run, jump, get wet, sloppy, dirty, sandy and even stinky. All of this reminds me that I probably won't have anymore children. I was completely satisfied after Kennedy that we were done having kids. Lots of reasons dictated that, we aren't getting any younger, my hubby is 7 years older than me, we have 3 kids already, the cost associated with daycare and of course that feeling you get when you are 10months pregnant and your husband has to sleep on the couch because you are snoring too much and helps you shave your legs and tie your shoes, because literally you can't bend over at the waist anymore. Pretty good reasons right? These days, everyone around me seems to be pregnant or just had a baby. Although I am so happy for them, it is a reminder to me that I won't be. I seem to be in this mode of wanting another child. I am completely thankful for my children. I'm sure lots of women go through this at one time or another. However, this time has allowed me to fully appreciate what once were little feet pitter pattering around the house. I'm thankful for this season with my children, to share, to care, to love and to teach. I love the verse in the bible about "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding." Proverbs 3:5. For those of you who still have little feet...enjoy them....because they become size 13 before you know it!

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