Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Alright already, I did it!

Yes, sad to say that I have finally given in to peer pressure once again. Now that some of my bestest friends are out here, how can I not join in the fun. I think I was somewhat sceptical about creating one of these because, well, it is so personal. However, I love to hear everyone else's adventures into everyday life. (often rolling on the floor w/ laughter) I prefer it more that Myspace or Facebook (both of which I have sucumb to.) So, I've given in once again. How is it that everyone is online?

Let me tell you about the coolest thing that happened to me this week. (I have to give you some background info) My parents are both in their early sixties. Great Christian people, simple people really. They live out in the country in southeast Missouri (my hometown, called Puxico, (pronounced like Texaco). My parents were the last few to ever get a VCR, microwave and a TV with remote control. They've never owned a brand new car off of the lot (ever). My dad, Ronald (they all call him Ron) a deacon at my home church, (please don't fall out of your chair with laughter) Duck Creek Missionary Church is an awesome man of Christ. He always has been. From the time I can round up memories in my head, I remember being at church everytime the doors were open. He has always worked hard for a living. It is not the hard we think of today (8-10 hours at a computer/office type jobs) but really hard work. He worked in factories where there wasn't any air conditioning in the summer. He worked all day and then came home, ate dinner and went out into the fields to work until late into the night. He finally moved up and became the head supervisor for the different factories he worked at. Some made school uniforms, hats, cub scout shirts and even 3piece suits. Over the past 5-6 years my parents have been without healthcare. The factory that my dad worked for simply quit offering it to their employees. (of course this happend right after my dad had open heart surgery, thank the LORD!)

O.k. now that the stage is set. Last year, most of you know I quit my full-time job. It weighed heavily on my heart, because I knew I wouldn't be able to help my parents out if they needed it. Knowing that this was totally the right thing to do, I did it. This past January my dad was selected for a GREAT job with the MO State Dept of Corrections as their new Facilities Supervisor at Poplar Bluff, MO (just down the road from my parents home). They hired him at age 61 (which is totally awesome, right?). This job has the best benefits for my mom and dad. He had to attend a 4 week course in how to deal with inmates and all sorts of stuff. Well, here is a man who never attended college except some vocational courses in his early twenties, and he passed with flying colors. He was so nervous about it because if you don't pass the school, you don't have a job. Now that he is back on the job, he has his own office and now works on the computer quite often. The whole point behind this story is this.

My dad sent me an email this week. This is the FIRST email my dad has ever sent me. I've copied below:

Hay Sherry, Thanks for sending me your E mail address.
This is all the pictures that I have in my camera of us.
I will send you some more picture later.
Monday is a busy day for me.
I haft to send my reports in.
I will send you a picture of my office, I never thought I have my
Own office, We are doing well and talk to you later.
.Love Dad

I almost cried when I read it! I love my dad to pieces! My parents are such true examples of how we CAN live in this world with out all the techy stuff, without all the money, without new cars or the latest fashion trends. God provides ALL our needs (he didn't say wants).

Sorry for the book...I guess this blog thing might work out after all!

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