Monday, September 9, 2013

Easy Pumpkin Craft for Fall

I came across these fun pumpkins that the kids and I crafted a few years back and wanted to share them again. How fun! I'm always looking for ways to make the pumpkins last longer without cutting into them. This is a great way to make that happen and get the kids involved. Bonus: It won't make a huge mess! This is a great way to get started early and place these out on your front entrance with some other Fall goodies!

I bought Felt that had adhesive on the back. I used bamboo skewers to stick the felt to for the spiders legs. As you can see, the combination is endless. Cut out your design and if you have a white or silver marker you can make dotted lines on the felt. This is a super easy craft to do with your children after you go to the pumpkin patch!

Items needed
1-black felt with adhesive
1-white felt with adhesive
2-10 bamboo skewers
1 white tipped paint pen
1 silver tipped paint pen

Cut your pattern out of regular printer paper and then place on felt. This allows you to make adjustments on your pumpkin before you begin cutting the felt. Don't ask me how I know this...but trust me! Place the pattern on the pumpkins to make sure you have the right dimensions. Then, cut out your pattern. Make any lines or drawings with your paint pen and let dry. For those parts that need skewers, cut double. You will stick the two parts together placing the skewer between the felt. I made spider legs and the pirates hat with the skewers. Once the parts are all cut, start to stick your pattern pieces on the pumpkin. Then add the skewers, carefully pushing deep into the pumpkin. Stand back in awe of your creation and be sure to post a picture for all to see! Your options are endless! Have fun!

I might be pushing the Fall button a little too soon, but I love getting into all things PUMPKIN!!

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 We actually got these done on Halloween Day.  Kennedy helped me cut the felt and helped stick them on the pumpkins.  These aren't your ordinary pumpkins, I might add.  They came all the way from my dad's first ever pumpkin patch in Missouri.  They were able to visit the week prior to Halloween and we had a grand time at Disney.  I thought they turned out great and it was much less messier then cutting them open.  It was also cheaper than the PB version online. 

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  1. I am all for these !! Love that they do not require scooping out the seeds.. :) They are adorable ! I am so excited for fall to be here! I am thinking about getting my fall wreath down to put on the front door! :)